St Ives Fishing TRIPS

If fishing is your thing then look no further…

Bluefin Charters is one of the UKs no 1 Charter Boats and is famous for its Big Game fishing and record catches. This also make us undoubtably St Ives first and only choice when it comes to fishing trips.

Our catches have been well reported over the years which has now lead us to be sponsored by the worlds leading tackle manufacturer SHIMANO which also means you get to use the very best and latest fishing tackle across both Boats.

BLUEFIN offers Big Game fishing for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna,Porbeagle and Blue Shark fishing along with Deep Sea fishing.

Your skipper Sam is a passionate angler himself and has an huge interest in fish welfare and ensures all Big Game fish are released Boat side after tagging recording data and of course a quick photo.

We work alongside many scientists,authorities and associations to ensure we help protect the future of our fisheries. Sam is also a director at both the UKBTA and the PPA and is an ambassador for SHIMANO. This also allows him to at the forefront of all fishing and boating related matters which he’s passionate about.

YELLOWFIN is skippered by Sam’s son Lewis and some say he’s an old chip of the block as his experience and passion for fishing is much the same.

He specialises in the most popular of our trips the Mackerel fishing and his catches have earned him the top spot and is found on Instagram as Captain St Ives.

He is great with the kids and families and always ensures everyone gets the best experience out of their Mackerel trip.


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Shark Fishing and Bluefin Tuna Fishing is available by request to or mob 07747493101


BLUEFIN is a purpose built offshore Catamaran 35ft in length and powered by twin 315hp engines

YELLOWFIN sister vessel to Bluefin also 35ft Catamaran, powered by twin 315hp engine

VIKING VOYAGER aka JAWS is our newest vessel a 35ft RIB powered by twin V8 300hp mercury engines.

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