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Tornado Boats International was started in 1975 in England, and was one of the early pioneers in the development of the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). Tasked building a boat rugged enough for a marine survey company, Tornado started out with a modest 5.5m boat, powered by a 50 HP motor (big at the time!), was a great success with its durability and seaworthiness attracting much interest. Our boat, the Viking Voyager is one of Tornado’s modern RIB’s. A 10M Super, developed in 2020 with Twin Mercury Verado 300HP. This boat is unmatched in it’s on water abilities and is able to cruise at over 30knts in almost any conditions.

the skipper

James Narbett

James is youngest member of the family to join the team when he started on the boats at the young age of 15 working like his older brother Lewis on his dads boat Bluefin as crew.

James took a break from the boats at the age of 20 to follow his ambition of getting a trade and after just three years he reached his goal and is now a fully qualified plumber. James knew all along he would return to the boats as boating is in his and the family’s blood and is what we are all passionate about.

This winter James completely immersed himself in a tough and intense winter RIB handling training program to improve on the skills need for the new RIB as well as completing all the RYA skippers courses to bring him back up speed on new skipper requirements.

His maturity at such a young age and his level of skill and understanding of the sea and boats makes him the perfect skipper for the new RIB.

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